Are you a House lover?

This is a House quiz. It tests your knowledge about the show and how well you pay attention. Do you look at the little details? Are you as obsessed as I am?

Can you give me a run for my money in House trivia? We are about to find out!! Hope you enjoy it and think hard about some of the questions they can be tricky!!

  1. Who is Houses team??
  2. How long did House and Stacey live together and who did she know before she meet House?
  3. What time does House come on and on what channel
  4. Who is Houses enemy in season 3
  5. How many episodes have they shown for season three
  6. what was the episode called when House punched chase in the face?
  7. In which episode do House and Stacey hook up?
  8. Who told about Houses illegal drug use to dective Tritter?
  9. What does Forman specialize in?
  10. What award did House win in 2005
  11. After January 9ths episode words and deeds House went on a break when will it be back on?
  12. what medical term do House and his team use all the time?
  13. How many seasons has House had?
  14. what is Houses first name?
  15. Who is Stacey married to
  16. Who did Cameron have sex with?
  17. Where did House and Stacey hook up?
  18. What does Stacey compare there relationship to?

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Quiz topic: Am I a House lover?