Which House Elf are YOU??

Being a house elf is hard work, but really..... where do you fit in the books. Cleaning you're masters house is hard work, but which infamous elf are you most like??

The quiz is here for you to take, find you're inner elf... maybe the results will scare you. But honestly, you should imbrace it. After all, the quiz never lies. *evil grin*.

Created by: Ernie
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  1. You are up and about the house cleaning, and your master is playing music in the backround and you love it! What is the music like?
  2. Your house is full of fancy items, which one is your favorite to clean??
  3. You're master start's being unreasonably cruel!! What is your response??
  4. Soooo tell me about the butterbeer bottle, is it half empty or half full?
  5. You seem to work extremely hard, but you don't even get paid!!! What are your views on this?
  6. Have you ever been framed for something you didn't do?!!
  7. So let's be honest, have you ever betrayed you're master??
  8. Out of these colors, which one is you're favorite??
  9. You see you're masters wand laying around, which spell do you use??!!
  10. Outgoing or Quiet?

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Quiz topic: Which House Elf am I??