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  • Im back
    "Welp, imma get offa gtq for a while, might be back on tonight. See ya guys and stay safe!"
  • Im back
    "LOL Hi firegirl."
  • Im back
    "OK piecow, Ill try your quizzes"
  • Im back
    "And don't believe I do."
  • Im back
    "Hello ember."
  • Im back
    "Aww, even pyrowolf??"
  • Im back
    "It's good to be back, I missed this place and all the people I've met on here."
  • Im back
    "Wow, it's been a while since I was last on here, GTQ has changed a wee bit. So how is everyone???"
  • All types of poems (:
    "It Ends Tonight The gun feels heavy in my hand, My eyes start to water. Tears fall to the floor, As I go"
  • Goku vs, Vegeta in...
    "Vegeta def."
  • And I'm still on
    "Im happy for you two."
  • Hey.
    "Ellis she's pretty serious!"
  • -inhales-
    "and that is how the gophers become human. XD"
  • -inhales-
    "lmfao! XD XD XD"
  • Hey.
    "you dont have to worry about me dark"

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