Will you survive my house of horrors 5?

...after all this house has been through alot of building. I mean now we have a grave yard. Its an awesome one with monsters and our servat had a birfday!!!

Can you make it?The reason why it took me soo long to come up with this one is cuz we added a few things. Now run along to meet your doom or make it out alive.

Created by: emowolf13

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  1. You enter the house and see a mad man staring at you. What do you do?
  2. Now you run into a ghost but you can kill it. Pick a weapon to kill it.
  3. Now there are three doors. 1 has a cross on it. 2 Has the devil on it. 3 has an angel on t. Pick one.
  4. Now your in a cemetary zombies come. You?
  5. 7-12 dont count.
  6. Do you love me
  7. is this quiz awesome?
  8. lil Jimmy
  9. See ya!
  10. I lied about this one not counting. What do you do when mty boyfriend the mad man comes at you?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive my house of horrors 5?