Will you survive my house of horrors 3?

So your back for more eh? Well you can't be that good at part 3! More craziness then there was before! HEHEHE! Now we decide to feast on dead ones!!!!

Are you really going back here? Well you must be brave. Good for you. Now take this flippin' quiz!!! Unless your scared stranger. -evil laughter- Sorry bout all the evil laughter.

Created by: emowolf13

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  1. You see a ghost. It tells you that you are not welcome. You?
  2. Now you are in the basement. There is a sad person there. She gives you her hand. You?
  3. If you were mean to her she gets a whip and whips you. If you were nice she goes to heaven. Now you see this weird symbol. Like a pentagram. You?
  4. After the pentagram you see this horrible monster.What do you do?
  5. Now there is this flight of stairs going dow again. You go down and see your family. ut its in a mirror. You can see yourself in it. Then you disappear. You say?
  6. No matter what you say the mirror opens to this purple portal. You go through and see this world of darkness. You?
  7. a flippin crazy thing comes after you you can summon a weapon. What is it?
  8. After killing it you wander around this new version of the same house. You notice the walls have tons of blood on them and it is darker. What lightscource do you choose?
  9. 11 through 12 has no effect. Do you like this quiz?
  10. Do you want a part 4?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive my house of horrors 3?