How Much Do You Know About " Full House " ???

There are many people who know their Full House out there, but some are just clueless about the whole thing. What is " Full House " exactly?? Well it's this comedy that was made from the late 1980's and from the 1990's and so on..... i can't tell you the reast cause it's a SECRET!!! Well, if you don't know the show that well yea it's a secret.

Are YOU a Full House maniac?? Do you know the Tanner's from head to toe?? I don't know?? But with this extra special quiz, ( Or at least i think it is ) you will find out in just a few minutes. This quiz has exacly 10 questions that only a REAL Full House expert can figure out. Well, you probobly don't care. ENJOY!!

Created by: Natalie

  1. What is Michelle's catch phrase??
  2. Who are the 3 guys that take care of the girls??
  3. Who says " How rude! "
  4. What is Jessie's wife's name??
  5. Danny' WAS married, so what happened to his wife??
  6. What was the name of Danny's wife??
  7. Who's the oldest girl ( In order )
  8. Where do the Full House crew live?? ( By state )
  9. What is their dog's name??
  10. BTW, ( By The Way ) did you like me quiz?? ( No offect )

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About " Full House " ???