How Much Do You Know About The Television Show Full House?

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Do you really know the television show Full House? This test was designed to see how much you really know about the show. Do you know everything there is to know or nothing at all? Are you obsessed with Full House or not so much of a fan? This test was made to tell you how Full House smart you are.

If you're ready to find out how many questions you can get right, then take this test now to find out! Let's see whether you're a true Full House fan or not!

Created by: SprinkleCakes
  1. How many seasons are there of Full House?
  2. Which character does Jodie Sweetin play as?
  3. Which character is obsessed with his hair?
  4. Which of the following characters is considered to be "The Comedian" of the show?
  5. Who is Rebecca?
  6. Which of the following episodes does not exist?
  7. Who is Kimmy Gibbler?
  8. Who is Vicky Larson?
  9. Which character bullied Stephanie and then became friends with her?
  10. Which Celebrity does DJ skip school to get an autograph from?
  11. Which of the following episodes was the very last episode of the show?
  12. Which season did the family go to Walt Disney World?
  13. Who pierced Stephanie's ears against her father's permission?
  14. In what season did Stephanie's hair suddenly go from curly to straight?
  15. Where did the family go in season 3?

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