The Master Full House Quiz

Full House Expert? Are you REALLY? Time to find out! If you've seen EVERY SECOND of EVERY EPISODE then this is the Full House quiz For You!

Remember, recall, rethink, reLIVE Full House in this quiz. If you watched it as a kid, and are over 18 now, time to prove you have a good memory!

Created by: Katelynnhawley

  1. What Year Did Full House Come Out?
  2. What is the name of thhe oldest daughter?
  3. Hard one. What is Commit's Mom's Name?
  4. What is Stephanie's nickname for Kimmy Gibbler?
  5. What is Michelle's Catchphrase?
  6. What are the names of the three guys?
  7. When Michelle is out of her crib, what is each leg of her bed?
  8. Hardest Question. If you don't know, you best guess. Who's autograph did DJ and Kimmy sneak out to get?
  9. Stephanie Steals DJ's part in WHAT cereal commercial?
  10. Who Was The Creator of Full House?
  11. Who does Jesse Marry?
  12. Why Do Kimmy And Jeff Break Up In Season 12?

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