Do you know your full house

Do you watch full house? Or most importantly... Do you listen. Do think you're a big enough fan of full house to answer all these questions, if you think so try it.

Do you daydream? Do you daydream in class, befor bed, while working? Well if if you also daydream while watching full house, I would suggest not taking this test, this test will prove if you listen or you watch while the tv is on mute. Good Luck

Created by: Taylor

  1. What kind of motorcycle does Jesse ride?
  2. Who was DJ's first kiss
  3. Who's catchphrase is "how rude!"
  4. Who's catchphrase is "how rude!"
  5. Who was Becky and Jesse's son Nicky named after
  6. What episode does Joey move into the garage (episode name)
  7. What color was Jesse's shirt when he walked into the house in episode 1
  8. Who's catchphrase is " cut it out"
  9. Where did Joey say Stephanie's courage was
  10. Danny said A clean house is.....
  11. How old was Jesse on episode one season one
  12. What did Michelle make for the science fair
  13. What is Joey's favourite sport
  14. What episode did the Tanners get Commet (episode name)

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Quiz topic: Do I know my full house