How well do you know Full House?

Full House is a TV show. Ever heard of it? Test you knowledge and see see what you know! Maybe you're a whiz! Maybe you're a bum. That's okay! Keep trying at it!

Danny is a man. His two friends, Jesse and Joey move in with him. Danny has three daughters. Over a couple seasons, this heartwarming show touches many people. That is a little bit about the show.

Created by: Kira

  1. When did Full House air?
  2. Who was the youngest of Danny's three daughters?
  3. What year did Jesse and Becky get married?
  4. Who played Danny's youngest daughter?
  5. What are Jesse and Joey's two jobs together?
  6. Why did Jesse and Joey move in with Danny?
  7. Where does Full House take place?
  8. In the episode Knock Yourself Out, who gets sick?
  9. In the episode Middle Age Crazy, why does DJ marry her friend, Harry?
  10. In the first part of the last episode, who gets amnesia?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Full House?