The Full House Quiz

This quiz is for all of the abed watchers of Full House, a show we've all grown up on and loved. A show that is over~whelmly under rated/under appreciated.

Are YOU a Full House genius? Do you have knowledge to qualify for the prestigious title? You will soon find out! Don't be scared, it doesn't hurt... For long!

Created by: Sarah

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  1. What was Uncle Jesse's last name in the first season?
  2. Who produced "Full House"?
  3. Why were the Olsen twins chosen for the part of Michelle?
  4. True or False: Mary Kate Olsen was left handed and Ashley was right.
  5. DJ found out that Uncle Jesse had a different, unfortunate, first name. According to his mother, what is his REAL first name?
  6. What does DJ's initials stand for?
  7. What was Stephanie's friend "Duck Face"'s REAL name?
  8. What was Danny's wife's name who died?
  9. How did she die?
  10. Where do the Tanner's live?
  11. Danny had an obsessive compulsive disorder about what?
  12. When Uncle Jesse and Becky first get married and want to "spend time alone", how does Joey explain it to Michelle?

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