Will you survive my house of horrors 2?

Only some can go through my house alive again. Are you worthy? Are you scared? You better be. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have what it takes to survive me house? Well stranger? Maybe you'll be a slave and not be a stranger to the family. Or you will get out or DIE!

Created by: emowolf13

  1. Your in a very old dark house. You see a shadow. You?
  2. No matter what action the shadow comes toward you. He says you will die in this house. You?
  3. You see 2 doors. One has a cross the other has fire. You go through....
  4. No matter what door you picked you see a woman on a chair. you?
  5. Before you can do anything she says her name is Marie. She tells you the same thing. She then turns into a devil thing. You???
  6. After your unexpected encounter you see this little boy. He says you are the one that has caused us great pain. You?
  7. A hole opens up you crawl through it. There is a creep staring at you. He then takes a knife and tries to cut you. There are weapons just in reach. You grab?
  8. You kill the creep and see a door. You go through it and see a man standing there writing something on the wall. You?
  9. Questions 11 through 12 have no effect. Do you like this quiz?
  10. Now will you ate and comment?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive my house of horrors 2?