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Thread Topic: All types of poems (:

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    PLEASE READ MY POEMS!! (Thread: "Post Any and All Poems Here")
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    madid Experienced
    Tara:Just post them here.
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    He had snow in his hair,
    and I didn't care
    I had not a worry in the world
    except for one

    When I saw him that day,
    that cold winter day,
    I collapsed on the floor,
    and knew it even more,
    he was the one to bring to my knees

    he would be the one that would make me plead.
    i would fight for and love him
    but in the end i will be betrayed

    i knew my fate
    and decided to go with it
    on that cold winter day,
    I Killed My First Victim.

    He pleaded and begged,
    but no mercy i showed
    and his life
    came to an end

    on that cold winter day,
    i killed my hope.
    The light inside me went out

    He was but a figment of my mind.
    Nothing but a ghost.
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    I'm always yours to love,
    I'm always yours to hold,
    Just like a hand in a glove,
    You fit in my heart,
    Whenever I'm cold,
    you're there to warm me up,
    My love for you,
    will go on to the end,
    and I tell you my friend,
    this is not pretend.
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    PurPl3Sik3 Novice
    Be my friend

    Always so happy
    No matter what's wrong
    Always so bright
    No matter how thing's are

    I can always depend on you
    To help me through my pain
    I'm so glad your my friend
    To help me with my pain

    I hope i never lose you
    Since your all i have left
    So promise me you'll stay
    And be my best friend
    Because with you,

    I'm always happy
    Even though things are wrong
    I'm always bright
    No matter how thing's are

    & never forget
    I love you till thee's no END

    To: shayna
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    madid Experienced
    Empty words
    Empty threats
    But the knots are real
    Around our necks
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    madid Experienced
    Don't let it die
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    PurPl3Sik3 Novice
    Thank's Madid (:
    You should post another one of your amazing poems
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    madid Experienced
    Purple:coming up

    Why do I want to die?
    I know we don't see eye to eye
    But this life has no point for me
    Just a ship being tossed on the sea
    Farther away from the shore
    Leave me wanting more
    Than life has to offer my soul
    Death had no toll

    Rivers of blood
    On which we sail you ships
    Forsaking the victims of our prejudice
    And drowning all the innocent
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    madid Experienced
    *our on the second
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    PurPl3Sik3 Novice
    Madid: see that's what I call amazing poetry great job :D
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    emowolf13 Novice
    It Ends Tonight

    The gun feels heavy in my hand,
    My eyes start to water.
    Tears fall to the floor,
    As I go to lock the door.
    No one cares,
    No one's gonna stop me from doing this.

    The pain I've endured will now end.
    The reasons: no family, no friend.
    I'm hated by all, loved by none.
    When I'm dead, they'll be sorry.
    When I'm dead they'll miss me.

    I can feel the cold metal on my temple.
    My finger slowly pulling the trigger.
    I closed my eyes,
    And never opened them again.
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    madid Experienced
    I thought about pulling the trigger today
    Thinking it would make the pain go away
    After all, what's to live for?
    When everything is broken and torn?

    I followed my usual routine
    No one could have seen
    The heavy weight on my shoulders
    Barely held up, felt like boulders

    I got back to home that afternoon
    Made my decision to end it soon
    Put the bottle to my head
    With a flash, I was dead

    I finally pulled the trigger today
    But why did the pain stay?
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    madid Experienced
    What happened to all the I love you's?
    All the I give you my heart's?
    That was just a lie too
    And not very smart

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