All types of poems (:

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Thread Topic: All types of poems (:

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    Envy Novice
    The hate inside.
    Can't really hide.
    The jealousy for everyone
    Makes me think I'm stronger than a gun.
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    smartgirl115 Experienced
    There's always hope
    At the end of every rainbow

    There'a always sunshine
    Peeking through the clouds.

    We all have our doubts
    But, let's never give up

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    zomgirl Novice
    this is not by me my friend was begging so i let her type it on my account! not my style anyways....

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    he is for me and now for you
    so if by chance, you take my place
    i'll take my fist...
    and smash your face
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    madid Experienced
    Underneath the tones of hatred
    The weary keep inside their head
    The barest whisper of kindess
    Come to remind us that we are dead
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    PurPl3Sik3 Novice
    By the way just want to say thanks Madid for keeping this thread alive while i'm gone,
    And ALL your guy's poems are great (:

    Scars only remain
    To find them haunt your every step
    Even if you run from them
    You turn, & face them again

    Scars manage to pull you down
    Make you fall down, to the ground
    Make you feel
    Your nothing to everyone

    But why is it we let it, do that to us
    If we could manage to stay strong
    We only need each's hope & trust
    And all the scars will vanish themselves

    But never remember
    For they will come once again
    And hurt you just the same
    So it's better to look forward

    And live life as it goes ....
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    IceBabe Novice
    I was a girl,
    And you were a boy.

    We loved each other,
    In the same exact way.

    But then that girl came,
    and she took your heart away.

    And now i no longer have your heart,
    Oh i feel so betrayed.

    You started avoiding me,
    Every time, Every day.

    And we feeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll apart.
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    IceBabe Novice
    and i have another one.

    Roses are red,
    Violets are green,
    This poem makes no sence.
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    Alejandro98 Novice
    Broken dreams
    broken hearts
    These are the words
    of a broken man
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    madid Experienced
    Life goes on but I'm frozen in time
    The clocks ticks on, stealing all of mine
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    madid Experienced
    Locking the door on my isanity
    But I know its going to break free
    Its only a part of my personality
    Showing nothing but the real me
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    madid Experienced
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    CodySimpsonLuv Experienced
    What happened to my friends
    The ones I called at time of distress
    Now they are somewhere else
    While I lie here crying
    Wondering where they are
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    madid Experienced
  • Forgotten Newbie
    Pull away from fate
    All the fear and the hate
    Locking us behind these bars
    Keeping us away from the stars
  • Forgotten Newbie
    Just close your eyes
    The sun is gonna die
    You'll be alright
    No one can see you cry

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