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  • Boredom has taken over.
    [published: Sep 19, 2012]

    Why are you reading this? Go to the quiz! I'm going to copy and paste something to pass the time! wait…

  • The Tempest part three
    [published: Mar 25, 2012]

    ok this is part 3 in my Tempest series. i am very tired adn i had to work my butt off today again at…

  • The Tempest part two
    [published: Mar 11, 2012]

    okay then so this is the second part in my series The Tempest! i REALLYYYYY hope i spelled that right xD…

  • The Tempest part one
    [published: Mar 3, 2012]

    Hi so this is my first quiz in this maybe series. i hope you like it and if your wondering it's based off of…

  • Saved or Savoir?
    [published: Feb 27, 2012]

    OKay this is the next quiz for a series i want to make for no reason at all. ok now tiem for random…

  • Vampirates or Pirates?
    [published: Feb 24, 2012]

    Alright if you dont know me i'm some person. ok we got that done. so anyways PLZ dont rate this cuz this…

  • Do you hate Justin Bieber????
    [published: Dec 11, 2011]

    hilo people i dont know and never will know cuz i dont WANT to know you..... so you hate Justin…

  • how well do you know Vampirates?
    [published: Nov 23, 2011]

    are you a TRUE Vampirtes fan if so take this quiz. look i hate typing so i'm just gonna write…

  • will u survive a zombie Apocalypse?
    [published: Nov 6, 2011]

    so you think you can survive a zombie attack? many people do and most of them are VERY wrong.…

  • are you an emo? or not?
    [published: Nov 5, 2011]

    ugh why do i have to make this so you think yer an emo? take this and find out i guess. ok i want to…

zomgirl's Recent Posts

  • Heellloooooooooo
    "But eh. I just want to talk to the people I know to give small updates :) And if this is ignored well flapjacks."
  • "God dammit Lazarus."
  • I hate hospitals.
    "MKay then. Thanks for your concern. I'm gonna go calm Seth down. Hope you get better; you seem stressed."
  • I hate hospitals.
    "Dammit. You don't f---ing know do you? I had my last kids 3 months premature, and one of them died after a year; and Spencer is in a worse s..."
  • I hate hospitals.
    "Screw you. You know it's not congrats..."
  • "Ally look at my last thread. So sorry to interrupt."
  • I hate hospitals.
    "**hugs Lizzy back lightly** I'm so tired."
  • I hate hospitals.
    "I do too. Trust me. I don't think I could stand losing another one of my children."
  • I hate hospitals.
    "We're not sure yet. I just had him just 3 days ago so it's still too early to really tell. They say he will be but I know they're not sure"
  • I hate hospitals.
    "I had Spencer. About 3 months premature. Just thought is tell people who care for me."
  • "Totally did."
  • "Has he ever sassed off a college professor, kicked your ex in the 'area', or let your kids sleep on him for almost 19 hours? No. I don't ..."
  • "His manhood xD? How would it be gone? He is the sweetest man on this planet. And I will be sure to."
  • "To be honest, I think we would have stayed together for a long time. I'm honestly not doing this for me. I'm doing it mostly for my children..."
  • "**laughs bit and pats your back** I am too babe, trust me. Samara already wants to go looking for wedding dresses. But I don't want to get m..."

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