how well do you know Vampirates?

are you a TRUE Vampirtes fan if so take this quiz. look i hate typing so i'm just gonna write random stuff..... well i cant just make all periods!!!!!!!!! i can do ! marks though >:)

must i write another?!?!?!ugh i'm mad now!!!!! well this sure does suck!!!!!!!!! dumb--- quiz!! thing wish i had SOMETHING to type!!!!! ugh bye. . . !

Created by: zomgirl

  1. what are Connor's and Grace's REAL last names?
  2. how many vampirates are on the Vagabond?
  3. how old are the twins?
  4. what si a song called in Cresent moon bay?
  5. what is Lorcan in the book?
  6. now what are the TWINS?
  7. what's graces favrote book?
  8. where are the twins from?
  9. who's Connors BEST friend or friends?
  10. how many people has Connor killed?
  11. how many books of vampirates are there?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Vampirates?