which vampirates character are you?

Vampirates are vampires who travel around the ocean in a large pirate ship, ruled by the captain. Some vampirates are goon but there are also the terrible, evil ones whose only purpose is to drink blood!!!!!

Have you ever wondered which vampirate you are? now you can find out!! with this short quiz you can find out. after just a few short minutes, you can find out if you are good or evil, sane or blood thirsty!!

Created by: elizabeth

  1. If someone was drowning you would:
  2. when it comes to drinking blood you:
  3. What colour is your hair?
  4. what colour are your eyes?
  5. you care about:
  6. yes or no
  7. in your spare time you like to:
  8. which place do you like better?
  9. which colour do you like better?
  10. which weapon would you choose?

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Quiz topic: Which vampirates character am I?