What Xena character are you

You often can relate to a xena character but then you see another and you are not quite sure. Well this test tells you exactly what character you are most like. This easy but effective test will ensure the next time you watch xena you can match your results with your character. The next time you watch Xena, you will find your characters role more enjoying because you will have some satisfaction of knowing that you are in a lot of ways like he/she.

Want to find out what xena character you are. There are few easy questions to do which show which character you most resemble and share comon trates as. Dont be upset if you dont get the same personality as your favorite character because often people like other peoplewho they are least like, so if you like a character that is comletely different than you are, chances are you are that characters biggest fan.

Created by: dean
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  1. Do people around you often stay close to you.
  2. Do you often start the conversations with your close friends?
  3. Do you hate cofrontations?
  4. Do you hate people who talk all the time?
  5. Do you like dark or light clothes?
  6. Are you a good cook.
  7. Will you hit someone if they bug you.
  8. If your friend was in a fight, would you jump in and try to stop it.
  9. Do you sem close with all of your friends.
  10. Would you usually share a lotto win with someone.

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