The Tempest part one

Hi so this is my first quiz in this maybe series. i hope you like it and if your wondering it's based off of Justin Sompers Vampirates. ok now i'll just say random stuff oops dont have to ;D

So If you do like this be sure to comment that you do. and i still dont like people rating my stuff so plz don't rate. idk it's a bad force of habbit to say that. but if you must be my guest

Created by: zomgirl

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  1. Ok then lets get started i just want to make a lil' intro if i may? ok so This is one of those quizzes with the name like ______ that k? ok moving on then. So you dont know who your REAL mother and father are. ok got it? k so they left at Matilda's door step (((you'll find out who Ma*tailda. we call her ma no like all of us xD* is soon enough))) so she raised you. Mulucco (((captain of the Diablo))) raised you aswell. Sugar Pie is your like sister. OK when you were 9 you went on the the Diablo and stayed there ever since (((with visits to Ma Kettle's Tavern where Sugar Pie, the other girls were and Ma.))) Cheng Li is deputy. Bart is you best guy friend. Cate your best friend in general. and others you'll have to decide :D Oh and your 14 ((((ik i hate being given ages too))))
  2. One day on the Diablo you were in the crow's nest. Then you see something strange... a black cloud. *that's strange, we haven't been expecting any storm at all for months!*So you climb down from the 50 foot crows nest with ease. You look for Cheng Li or Mulucco to tell them about the storm. You find them arguing. "I TOLD you not to put the" Cheng Li started to say but Mulucco interupted her "Wait YOU told ME?! I specifically told YOU NOT to order them to do this!" Mulucco said pointing at the ropes which had been done in a double knot which obviously need to be done in a triple knotted figure eight.*what dumb bell did THAT?* you thought. *probably some rookie* You kinda smiled at that thought. Being on this ship for 5 years sure did pay off! "uh Mulu-" you tried but failed. not even you could hear yourself over them arguing! "This...uh what do you call this knot ______?" Mulucco asked you. "Double knot Captain" you said, then you mentally slaped your head. You had forgotten to tell them about the storm! You tried to talk to them again but they still didn't listen. you started to get frustrated with them. You looked behind you and you saw the storm gathering even more. they kept arguing about teh knot. Finally you yell to them in hopes of getting their attention. "HELLO!!!!!! theres a storm RIGHT THERE you know!!!!" you yell. they stop arguing almost instantly. Mulucco looked past you at the gathering sea *about hmmm I should say about 15 miles away* you think as the storm grew closer. Yes 15 miles is a lot but it's a STORM!!!!! "Oh erm ok well i go tell the crew.." Mulucco said walking up to the top of the deck. "OK!" he shouted. as always at Mulucco's voice they stoped what they were doing and looked at Mulucco. "As SOME of us can see we have a storm coming. And since well all of us didn't see this coming we MUST get prepared for this!" He said to the group of pirates. "Now i want all hands on deck for this one! we only have..." he looked at you and you put a 1 and 5 on your fingers to say '15 miles' which as everyone knew was only about 2 hours. "15 miles. It's seems to be coming in faster than we would hope for but have to fear! I know we can do all of this in at least 14 miles time!" he said with a grin on his face. every one laughed then waited for more...there wasn't more. "Well? what are you waiting for?!?! GO!" Cheng Li, who was now next to Mulucco, screamed to the crew and at the very sound of her voice, everyone moved to get the ship ready for this storm....
  3. The storm was as bad as the crew had thought it would be. The winds had probably been the worst part of the storm. Thank goodness you had a great ship! Though the lightning was very little there was more thunder then when an elephant stops by you like a million time within a second. yeah that bad. The waters were coursing in the south which of course means the wind was coursing south! Ok so as you were trying to keep the knots together, Bart was helping keep control or the sails and Cate was keeping the swords in line on the lower decks. Swords aren't much use if there broken! The storm last for about 3 hours and then passes. The coulds aren't gone but most of the rain winds are gone. You breathe a sigh of relief. *Ok no more doubled knotted knots. Only the correct ones* you think as you lean on the side of the look out to the somewhat calm waters. You see the remains of a ship. *maybe just some dinghy off of another ship* but wait, there's to many parts for it to be a dinghy. You kept jumping to conclusions until finally you see to much of the wreakage.
  4. AS you look out at the waters you see the last of the wreakage. The last thing you saw was the sails of it. You saw they were headed the way the ship was heading so you left your spot, now with the correct knots, to go tell Mulucco or Cheng Li that the wreakage may be a problem for the ship. You found both of them near the cabins. *probably still arguing about who did the knot order* you rolled your eyes at the thought. You then walked over to them but they ,yet agian, didn't seen to notice you. You had been right on the knot problem but now it was worse. "And during the storm poor ______ had to take care of the knots!" said Cheng Li, who on board had been like your elder sister not best friend but sister, as she wraped her arm around you in a protecting kind of way."Are you kidding me?! I would never do that on purpose! Hell, i didn't even give the bloody order!" Mulucco exclaimed raising up his hands in a sort of 'i've had it' kind of way. "Well, I didn't give the order either!" yelled Cheng Li unwraping her arms. "YES you did!" "NO i didn't" YE-" thats all he got to when you shouted to get their attention for the second time that day. "HELLO AGAIN we have just had a mojor storm and there is wreakage EVERYWHERE and it's getting in the ships way!!!! So can you just PLEASE STOP ARGUING?!" you said aggravated by their immaturity. *seriously and THEY'RE supposed to be the captain and depudy of this ship!* Mulucco coughed to show that you had his attention. "Well what can we do? Everyone else is working on the damage from the storm. Only you, Cheng Li, and I are NOT working on the ship. And i have to stay here so no chaos erupts." He said in a kind of lecture tone. "True BUT me and Cheng Li can go and move all of the direct wreakage from our path. It will take half an hour! Please Pa?" You only called him Pa when you REALY needed something. he thought on that. "Oh...alright go and get the wreakage out. Cheng Li make sure ______ doesn't get hurt, or you do." he said to Cheng Li "Wouldn't dream of it Wrathe." Cheng Li said with a smirk and left.
  5. You had to sprint to catch up with her. She was already in the boat when you finally got to where she was. "About time _____!" She said "Bart could you please lower us down" I asked Bart . He nodded happy to help us...well ME anyways. He then lowered us both down. Once we hit the water we then went out to get the sails I had seen. Even though they were 70 yards from the ship but soon enough the ship will catch up with them and the sails will probably halt the ship and sink it and we sure don't want that to happen! It takes you two 2 minutes to get to the sails or so you thought. The sails weren't sails;they were clothing. The person they belonged to was a young boy, about your age. You were shocked at this. you grasp Cheng Li's arm and point to the boy. Reading your mind she nodded. You then go to the side of the boat and dive in. The boy was about 4 yars away so you could haul him onto the small boat. The water was still cold as ice when you dived in. *just get the boy* you thought as you reached him. You got him and swam back to the boat. Cheng Li helped you hoist him up. After he was on you got on the boat as well. "Is he still alive?" you ask looking at the boy. Cheng Li cheaked his pulse. "Yes, he's alive but just a slight pulse." She said. "Well then we have to get back! Like NOW!" you shout "Yes, Yes i KNOW" Cheng Li said as she took the oars again. "You make sure he doesn't die on us." She ordered. I nodded. I set the boy's head on the side of the boat. He seemed unharmed physically but you could tell that the sea didn't like him at all! You could tell he knew he'd been rescued because when you got him he was more tense but now he seemed more relaxed. His eyes were starting ot flicker and they finally opened fully. Though you didn't notice this until he said "Who are you? Where are you taking me?" his vioce was hoarse but strong at the same time. "My name's ______." you say to the boy. he then looks at your clothing. You could tell that he wasn't a pirate from what he was wearing. His eyes then widened when he saw the rapier at your waist. "Your a...a pirate aren't you?" he asked.*at least his mind's working!* "Yes, boy I am indeed a pirate." I say as if talking to a two year old. "The where are you taking me?" He asked again "We're taking you to our ship," I say motioning to Cheng Li who nodded to the boy and then the ship that was 14 yards away. "The Diablo." you say as he stared in awe at the ship. There was then a silence. *prbably just taking it all in* Then out of the blue he shouted "Grace!" You were dumbfounded at how loudly he got it out. Though it was Cheng Li who answered him, "Who are you talking about, boy?" She snapped at him *wow, he's already gone to her bad side!* "My sister!" He said to both me and Cheng Li. Cheng Li looked back and saw the ship. "Ok save the family history for later. we're here" She said standing up. You saw the boy open his mouth to protest but Cheng Li interupted by shouting. "Batholomew! You lazy slob! Throw down the ropes and help us up!" She yelled and in an instant the ropes for hoisting came down. You and Cheng Li tied them to the boat expertly and yelled for Bart and others to pull you up. You saw the boy's eyes close, but since you were by him you could hear him breathing.
  6. The boy's eyes open once you are on the deck. Cheng Li is out of the boat and you are too. "Hey! Cate, Bart can you help me get this boy out onto the deck?" You ask and they both nod. Once The boy is out of the boat the whole crew semed to be looking at him. "Move you morons!" yelled Cheng Li "Make room for the boy make room!" and almost instanly everybody made room for you. You set the boy down on a piece of torn sail from the ship. He seemed like he could go to sleep any minute. "Boy! Stay awake, dont sleep on us" snapped Cheng Li to the boy and the boy's eyes snapped open. *wow, we've only known him for what? 20 minutes and he already obeys Cheng Li!* you think. Everyone stares at the boy for about 2 moment and then Cheng Li says "HEY! The show's over! Get back to work!" then everyone went back to working, well except for you, Bart, Cate and Cheng Li of course. "Cheng Li," Cate said. Cheng Li turned to Cate "Should i go get Captain Wrathe?" She asks. Cheng Li sighed and said "Might as well." then Cate ran off in search of Mulucco. Bart stayed with you and the boy while Cheng Li went off to deal with some people. Both you and Bart saw that there waas something troubling this boy finally Cheng Li came back and saw it too. "What's bothering you boy?" she asked "My sister, Grace" he said sadly "What of her?" "She's still out there in the icy water." he said shivering at the memory of it "Please, please go back for her. You found me. Please go back for her" He said and you saw that he was almost crying. "Can't now. Night's coming fast, and we've still have a million things to do." she replied without feeling, as she always does. The boy seemed to be a ticking time bomb and those words were the trigger. and what came out was him bellowing "NO!"
  7. "Calm youself boy. Be greatful for your own life. Honor your sister, as she would wish." Cheng Li said in her rare (to other people) soft voice. "Drowning is not such bad way to die." Cheng Li said with her normal untoned voice. Though the boy laughed hallowly "How do you know?" He asked "Everybody knows that. Well among pirate kind it is quite posibly the best way to die. It's a gentle way to die." replied Cheng Li to the boy. Yet agian there was another silence *not much of a talker now is he?* "There was another ship, another ship before you and her" He said jesturing to you "The ship looked ancient... The ship turned around changed it's direction as if stopping for a reason, but not for me." he paused for a momment Then said "Thta ship proably had Grace on it!" He said "The mist began to rise and I couldn't see the ship anymore. but I saw the figurehead! It seemed as if it were watching you" He said more ot himself than anyone. All of you were giving him strange looks then he said happily "Grace had been saved by that ship! The Vampirates ship!" He smiled at all of you. Of course you didn't knwo what he meant though....
  8. OK i'm out for this quiz. but i dont want to call it a cliffhanger....hmmmmmmmmmmm.......How about...... yeah no i got nothin'
  9. Soooooooo do you like pie?
  10. do you listen to Skrillex? I love them/him

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