Different Part 4

I know there are two part 3's but one of them is supposed to be part 4 i made this one just incase people got confused which im pretty sure will happen

Created by: stained

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  1. RECAP: You hear howling you go to investigate wolves start lungeing at you
  2. The wolves stop and the circle you and Spot comes limping out he looks at the wolves but he knows he can trust them so he walks infront of you and sits down
  3. You hear the voice again "trust the wolves Crystal they wont hurt you" the voice says you slowly nod then one of the wolves tug on your pants for you to follow them you follow the wolves and Spot also follows -where are they taking me- you think they lead you into a large cave and you sit down hoping that this will be over soon then you slowly fall asleep again. what do you dream about
  4. You wake at the crack of dawn and see that the wolves are up then one of the wolves which is the pack leader trots up to you "listen Crystal we dont have much time you need to help us now" the wolf says you shake your head in confusion "but how can a human like me help you" you ask "your not human Crystal" the wolf says "then what am it" you ask "well you are many things" the wolf says "wait but how come i can talk to wolves and why do i keep hearing this voice" you ask "well that voice is really Spot which means if you can talk to dog and wolves and you have a special connection to dogs and or wolves you must be a were wolf" the wolf says your jaw drops then you shake your head "what do you mean im were wolf" you say "your a were wolf but your not a normal were wolf" the wolf says "how" you ask "you have many other powers then just being a were wolf" the wolf says
  5. you nod "when can i leave" you ask "you cant leave until you learn how to control your were wolf powers you need one of the other were wolves to help you with that" the wolf says "so which one will help me" you ask then a large wolf with sandy brown fur trots over to you and growls a bit udner his breath "well this one will teach you his name is Jacob" the wolf says "wait what which Jacob" you ask "oh Jacob would you mind turning into your human form" the wolf says the wolf named Jacob nods and he turns human and sure enough it is...
  6. Its the Jacob you know you then groan "oh so you two have met" the wolf says you nod "well lets just say we have ran into each other and we arent the best of friends" you say "agreed" Jacob says "well you two get along because Jacob is the only were wolf in this pack so if i find you two fighting you dont want to know what will happen" the wolf says with a growl you sigh "fine let me just take out all my weapons" you say the wolf nods and Jacob leans against the cave the wall you then take out all your weapons which is about ten in total "good thing you took them out or ill be dead" Jacob says you just ignore him as you take out ten more which is now twenty in total
  7. Jacob then leads you to a creek "well this is where we will training" Jacob says you shrug and kick one of the rocks into the stream you sit down "well what are we going to work on first" you say "well lets just say how to control your were wolf powers but when the full moon is out you cant control when you turn though" Jacob says you nod and start to work on that it takes you a few trys but you manage
  8. "now lets work on turning into your full wolf form" Jacob says you nod and after a few trys you get it in your wolf form you have short black fur and your same color eyes as always you then look at your reflection "wow cool im a wolf" you say "good job" Jacob says "now your were wolf form not your full wolf form but your were wolf form" Jacob says you nod and after a few trys you get it then you both hear something "turn into your wolf form now" Jacob says you nod and you both turn into your wolf form
  9. You see its Christopher but he is in his fully human form he stops seeing you and Jacob but he doesnt know who it is yet he then crouches down and whistles for one of you to come you trot to Christopher and sit down looking at him "what are you doing" Jacob snarls you turn your head and look at Jacob "i know him his name is Christopher he is a wolf fury" You snap "fine" Jacob says you then turn human and Christopher jumps back startled Jacob then turns human has well (if your wondering what Jacob looks like then this is what he looks like Jacob has short black hair and bright blue eyes) "huh so your a were wolf" Christopher says you nod "i must be going then now" Christopher says
  10. "we better be getting back to the pack" Jacob says you nod slowly you both turn into wolves and you run through the forest running back to the cave you the stop as you see the pack leader "so what is going to happen now" you ask "you will become part of this pack" the pack leader says your eyes widen "ok..." you say
  11. They do this thing and you become a full member of the pack they then give you a necklace with a wolf fang on it and they put it around your neck then they give you a wolf howling necklace so now you have three necklaces one from your friend and another from your new pack
  12. You then walk out the cave and turn human and Spot follows you, you then run into a girl about your age "oh hi" you say "hey" the girl says "im Crystal and you are" you say "im Lily" the girl says "what are you doing out here anyways" you ask "im looking for someone called Nathon i have a major crush on him and i thought he would be out here" Lily says "Oh i can help you" you say Lily smiles widely then you lead her to the park where Nathon normally hangs out Nathon is there so you let Lily and Nathon talk they talk almos like forever and they then become boyfriend and girlfriend you are very happy for them as well then you walk off
  13. As your walking back home you get a text from Josh that says -hey Crystal i just got a new girlfriend im sorry if you have feelings for me- you just shrug and text him back -im happy for you- you text back to Josh
  14. When you get home you see Jacob sitting on your porch you look confused but you walk up to him "what are you doing here" you ask "well..." Jacob starts
  15. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry so who do like so far besides Nathon and Josh
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