Arrr You In Love (part:1)

You and your twin brother are running away, you steal a ship and set sail. A huge storm breaks the ship to pieces and you are pulled aboard a mysterious ship. Sadly nobody on the ship saw your brother.

You have so many questions and yet not enough answers. Did your brother survive? Will you ever see him again? What is so strange and mysterious about the ship you are now on?

Created by: Sunny101
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  1. Your knuckles grew white as you clenched the railing of the small ship. A single tear rolled down your cheek, landing quietly in the ocean. Watching your home fade into the distance you gripped the amulet around your neck, your last piece of home. A soft sprinkle tapped out a song an the deck, a rain song sad and lonesome. Then the wind picked up whipping your hair around your face and throwing you against the railing. Rain began to pound the deck fierce, mad, and wild. You heard a terrifying crack and screamed as you fell overboard the railing cracking. The last thing you saw before the water hit you like a million tiny needle was a pirates flag in the distance. Then you were submerged in coldness, in blackness, swallowed by the sea.
  2. *Jays Point Of View* Gradually the storm began to settle and the ocean became less wild. Moments earlier a scream had pierced the sky, only to be swallowed by the storm. Our ship sailed forward but slowly came to a halt as we entered the ruins of a ship torn apart by the storm. The crew leaned over the edge looking for survivors, one of the new recruits pointed at a figure floating on a board. It was a girl, maybe 17, her brown hair plastered to her face and her eyes closed peacefully. I waited until she was close enought then reached for the board and pulled her in. She was beautiful. Although she was sopping wet and out cold I knew she was pretty, really pretty. Then I saw the amulet around her neck, it was the pirates symbol for lost destiny. "Captian!" I yelled shocked and confused. The Captain pushed through the crowd and crouched next to me. Lifting the amulet off of her chest I asked, "What does it mean?"
  3. Your eyes flutter open and you are surprised you aren't dead, but instead in a dark red and gold room. You hold your head feeling the room rock but them realize you must be on a ship. Getting up you look around the room and try the door, finding it locked you open a closet and slip on some leather boots, skinny jeans, a dark red blouse, and a long leather pirate-like overcoat jacket. Finding a mirror you see that your hair is a mess, but clean. After brushing your hair you try the door again, it's no use. Falling backwards onto the bed you close your eyes to think when the door opens. Sitting up you see...
  4. ... a boy about your age. He has red hair that falls slightly over his eyes in a shy cute way and emerald green eyes. At first he just stares ay you then he says, "I see you found the closet." "Wh-who are you and where am I?" you question him. He sighs sinking into a chair you didn't notice before. "Well there was a storm about a week ago and we found you drifting among the ruins of a ship." at this you put your hand over your mout and whisper, "Derek." tears coming to your eyes. "You were the only survivor- that we found, and you've been asleep for the past week. So yeah... here you are!" he finished throughing his arms out wide. Pulling your knees to your chest you begin yo cry. Your brother must be dead.
  5. "Oh and by the way I'm Jay." the boy said getting up to leave, the chair was gone. "Ariana." you reply standing up. "Nice name, follow me and you can get some breakfast." "Okay. Thanks." you say wiping tears from your face you follow him outside to see...
  6. ... tons of men working the sails, pulling ropes, steering, scrubbing the deck, scrimmaging, and many other countless things. Gasping you look aroung in awe as Jay gestures towards the crew saying, "This is our ship, home, and life." Smiling he led you to a dinning room with a long table. He pulled a chair out for you and as you sit down another boy comes in and looks at you in surprise. He says his name is Jev, and he has dark brown hair with chocolate eyes to match. Smiling Je asks your name, "Ariana." you tell him smiling back. You two talk for a while, while you eat, then you get up and go stand by the railing looking out at the sea. You're thinking of your brother when you feel a tap on your shoulder and you jump, grabbing the railing. Turning around you come face to face with...
  7. ... a pair of sparkling sapphire eyes. Looking up you see a boys wavy-like dirty blonde hair. Backing into the railing you see you are looking at yet another boy about your age. "Hi, I'm Jack! Jay told me you were awake and I thought I'd say hi, so hi!" he smiled and you smiled too, "Hi I'm Ariana!" You two talk for awhile then he asks you, "So what brought you out to sea?" sighing you decided to tell him, "My brother and I were running, or rather sailing, away. You see, our mom died giving birth to us (you are twins) and our dad was sold as a slave to a place far away. The only place left for us was the orphanage, so we stole a boat and here I am." Thinking of your brother and how he was probably dead made a tear roll down your cheek. Jack wiped it away and gave you a small hug. Just as he let's go a cannon shot rings the air, you jump and turn around to see...
  8. Cliffhanger! Sorry I'm getting tired! *yawns*
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