TIN (Totally In Love) Part 2

It's big! It's bad! It's back! It's... TOTALLY IN LOVE 2!!!!!!!! Four boys. One of you. One choice to make. Who will you choose? Mysterious Carter, the blonde-haired beauty? Or James, the quiet, squinty eyed one who is TOTALLY in love with you? Or Ethan, the hilarious dude? Maybe even hard-to-get Calvin?????? If you didn't take part 1, go find it right now and TAKE THAT QUIZZ!!!....Please??????

Or would you like Keith? Ah Keith, the one with the light brown hair and dark brown eyes (AND CONTACTS! xD) The one who's friendly with Carter...do these boys have something to hide? A secret? And if it's a secret, is it a good secret or a bad secret? I guess you'll just have to come back for part 3 to find out! If you didn't take part 1, go find it right now and TAKE THAT QUIZZ!!!....Please??????

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  1. "Hey," Carter shoots you a grin. You just sit there, your knees shaking and your heart pounding as you look into his adorable blue eyes...all you can think of to say is, "Wait, wern't your eyes brown a second ago?" Carter chuckled. "That's the first thing you say to me, _______? Well, if it makes you happy, yes, they were brown a minute ago...but the sunlight makes my eyes turn blue, so..." he trailed off, shrugging. "Carter," Keith speaks, and his voice isn't as hostile as you expected it to be. "Er...welcome," he continues, ignoring the shocked glares of Ethan, Calvin, and James. "We were just going to do some battle training. You can join us," Keith wipes his sweaty palms on his jeans. "WHAT?" Ethan exclaims, leaping to his feet.
  2. "Chill Antonio," Carter smirks. You glare at Carter, then pass your gaze over to Ethan. "Antonio?" you ask, stifling a giggle. Everyone except Ethan cracks up. "It's a long story...one that I'm not going to tell," chuckles James. "So, um, can we start the battle training?" you ask. "Sure," all five guys reply at once. "We'll leave you alone to change," Ethan replies stiffly. "Do we have to leave?" Carter jokes.
  3. "Yes!" you reply firmly. One thing about you; you don't mess around with boys, no matter how tempting it may be. All five guys instantly dissapear from the room, and you change into:
  4. While you change, you hear shouts and growls of anger from downstairs. As soon as you finish, you tip toe down the stairs and settle down on the sixth step, watching the scene below. "Carter, you have to leave!" Ethan snarls coldly. "She's not ready to learn everything," James adds, for once standing up tall. "Oh yes, she is," Carter laughs. "Guys, c'mon. He's not that bad," Keith tries to smile, but Calvin gives an angry hiss that makes everyone jump. "WHAT, SO SUDDENLY YOU ALL THINK YOU KNOW WHAT ________ WANTS? WHAT SHE NEEDS?" he broke off and gave each of them a disgusted glare. You slide down the rest of the stairs on your bottom, deciding to cut in before any of the others do or say anything else. "Hey guys," you smile nervously. Wordlessly, they stare at you. "You spied on us," James decided suddenly. BUSTED! He read your mind again.
  5. You blush a deep scarlet as all four guys turn to stare at you. Looking guilty and a bit nervous, James clears his throat and says, "Shall we?" Carter nods, snaps his fingers, and in no time you're standing in some forest.
  6. "Woah!" you breath, staring at Carter. "How'd you do that?" you ask him. Carter chuckles. "Magic," he winks. All the remaining four boys, even Keith, roll their eyes, annoyed by Carter flirting with you.
  7. Suddenly, a flash of thunder lights up the sky and you all hear a huge crash. "Don't make any sudden movements," Ethan said slowly, as if his life depended on it. You all turn to see a huge snake woman staring down at you. "Ess," she snarled with her mouth wide open, revealing fangs.
  8. "Carter!" yelled James, his voice slightly higher than usual. "I can't," Carter said helplessly. Suddenly, Calvin took a step back. All would have been fine, except he stepped on a branch on his way back. Snake-lady didn't like that. "Esssstaaaahaiii!" it screamed, and began to shoot green poison out of it's mouth. "Scatter!" yelled Ethan before diving to one side. Calvin snuck up behind it and shot a fireball at it's back. Snake lady hissed and turned around, her back on fire.
  9. Snake lady was smart. She fell back, nearly landing on James, Ethan and Calvin, her back still on fire. If you hadn't shoved them out of the way, all three would have died. Ethan quickly puts out the fire, leaving a big, black stain on her back. Snake lady roars, and suddenly turns to you. You look it in the eyes and feel yourself shudder. "Stay," you tell the creature, backing away. It obeys you.
  10. Suddenly, the creature goes up in flames, all except it's head, which turns to ice. You watch its' body burn, horrified. Suddenly, you hear a big roar behind you, and Keith swallows nervously. "Uh-oh," Carter and Ethan say at the same time. "Snake lady has a boyfriend," James and Calvin say, just as the monster comes into view.
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