Kidnapped and in love part 2

omg take the first quiz so you understand but basically there are four guys who totally love you and on who wants to kill you. so take this quiz and comment! and by the way to make it easier your name is riley!!!

omg take the first quiz so you understand but basically there are four guys who totally love you and one who wants to kill you. so take the quiz and comment! yay

Created by: nikki78

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  1. you just left your house to return to the safe house, or as you call it the Mansion! ashton takes you to the door and as soon as you step through the door Jace picks you up and throws you over his shoulder. he stops and puts you down in a gym. your first thought is..........
  2. you settle on asking what am i doing here. jace just smirks and walks over to a keypad on the wall and types a number into it. after a few seconds it beeps and the wall spins around revealing a passage way filled with weapon. seriously you say again, what am i doing here?? jace turns around and looking smug replies teaching you how to protect yourself. the first thing you think is.....
  3. two hours later totally exhausted and dripping with sweat jace leaves you in your room to shower before dinner. what clothes do you put on??
  4. later after your clean, you go downstairs and see carter cooking you dinner. where are all the other guys u ask? they got tired of waiting and ate, so your stuck with me he replies with a lopsided grin. qh darn you say halfheartedly. little while later after you eat your snuggled up with him watching your favorite movie when bam the glass doors fly open and you see a guy who looks like adrian with red eyes floating and staring at you like a total creeper. then out of nowhere you say aaron is that you. the man begins to grin wickedly ... adrian wasn't lying do you forgive him??
  5. carter turns to you total suprise written all over his face. Riley you know him? he choked out. no i told ashton... we seen adrian in my basement. he said that aaron his twin was trying to kill me not him. though to be honest no one believed him. behind you, you hear the thud of the door slamming open against the wall. in the door way the rest of the guys, including adrian, (he's one of us now)are standing there pointing guns at aaron and incidebntally us. jeez i reply a little to men in black dontcha think?? and look at aaron and go what do you want?? and no joke guess what replied. your soul
  6. well he won't do that riley, i won't let him says jace as he walks toward aaron swinging a dangerous looking weapon in his hand. i have a message to give to riley the demon says. it is beware the one you trust most will betray you.
  7. all of the guys turn to stare at you as aaron floats away. which do trust most??
  8. Cliffhanger.......... will you come back and rate??
  9. did you like this quiz??
  10. take kidnapped and in love part 1 first

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