Leopold Cain Quiz 2

Do you watch Kidnapped? Are you always on the edge of your seat whenever Leopold Cain has a part in the episodes? If so, then this quiz is perfect for you. Come test your knowledge on Leopold Cain!!

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Leopold Cain? Have you watched every Kidnapped episode? And have you gone the extra mile to know everything about Leopold Cain? Come take this quiz and see what you really know about Leopold Cain?

Created by: Kara McMurray
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  1. What does Leo tell his dad when his dad tells him that he should give up on static apnea?
  2. Which band is one of Leo's favorite?
  3. What does Leo say to Otto after Leo asked Otto what his "cut" was and Otto told him it was 1 million?
  4. When Leo is allowed to call his family in episode 6, who does he call out for on the phone?
  5. What makes Leo different from his sisters?
  6. Who was the heart that Leo got intended for?
  7. What does Leo do wrong when he trys to call his parents with the cell phone he stole from the doctor?
  8. What was the date that Leo was finally returned home?
  9. In the video that was found at the Cain's house what did Leo call his mom?
  10. What was the clue that Leo gave as a hint to where he was when he was allowed to call his family in episode 6?
  11. What is Leo's favorite comic?
  12. Who plays Leopold Cain in Kidnapped?
  13. What does the name Leopold mean?

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