Imagine- you're on a normal Friday night. You're watching the news and you hear about a serial killer on the loose. This doesn't worry you because you're totally safe.... or so you think.

Answer the questions and find out how you will spend a Friday night. Only you can choose your fate. Will you be totally safe, or TRAPPED! * Any names, events, or actions in this quiz that are included in the viewers personal life is a complete coincidence and totally unintentional. This quiz is made for fun and is not meant to scare or threaten anybody. Thanks!

Created by: Ashlyn
  1. What did you get in TRAPPED! Part 1? If you haven't taken Part 1 yet, You should or else you'll get confused.
  2. *sneeze*
  3. $$$$
  4. 7 more random questions! (I need 10 custom made ones, but only the one that asks which place you got in Part 1 counts for your result)
  5. *yawn*
  6. bom-chicka-wah-wah
  7. doncha wish your girlfriend was HOT like me? doncha.... doncha.....
  8. &^%$@#
  9. Am I ruining the mood for the scary results?
  10. Last random question that doesn't count! Just click submit to get your result!

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