The chosen part two

Welcome back! This is The chosen Part two! I hope you enjoyed part one. This one will tell you more about your power than the guys themselves *that's for part 3!*

So, recap - 4 guys, kidnap, psychic, Luna power/energy, you know same old same old. 4 guys - Alex-Arrogant, Blake-Nice, Michael-Smart, Seth-Emo. Yeah so... Enjoy! Oh COMMENT & RATE PLEASE!

Created by: bubbygirl968

  1. "What did they miss out?" You ask. "The eclipse's." Michael begins.
  2. "The luna & solar eclipse's can be dangerous for someone with either Luna or solar power." Michael continues.
  3. You think for a moment and realise that this is not funny. "Don't tell the others. They don't know." Michael takes his book to the Library and you stay in his room.
  4. You got outside for some air, and you see Seth lying in the sun. His black hair over one of his grey eyes. You keep quiet so he doesn't notice you. But then he gets up.
  5. "Umm hi." He murmurs to you, then he goes indoors. You lie on the warm grass, an begin to fall asleep. Your left arm starts to hurt.
  6. You run inside and go into the lounge for help, the only people in there are Blake & Alex. What do you say?
  7. "MY ARM!!!!!!" You scream. Blake jumps up to help you. "Were you outside?" He asked "Yeah" you reply. "I think it must be your luna energy protecting you from to much solar energy."
  8. You remember your conversation with Michael. The luna eclipse must be coming! *If you dont know the luna eclipse is when the sun blocks the moon.
  9. You cry and want to go home. But you have no idea how. You go to the most understanding of them all...
  10. You go to Seth. He's in the conservatory. "Seth, how can I get home?" You ask him, "You'll need a key first of all, but I lost mine so I dunno..."
  11. You sigh and stay seated. A few minutes later you feel dizzy, and then you're out cold...
  12. Who do you like?

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