the chosen part twelve

Hi, sorry it's been awhile. I've been busy and stuff. Well this is part twelve of my 'The Chosen' series. I hope you've played through parts 1-11 befor this one. Have fun now!

Hi, this is my ifamous recap that I can't be bothered to do. Yeah well. I gotta do 150 words so I like boyfriend by ashlee simpson and 27 by fall out boy.

Created by: Dayna

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  1. You are at home and you've just woken up. It's 8.30 am and you hear people talking from the dining room, you creep downstairs and go in.
  2. It's Blake and Alex. Alex looks rough, REALLY rough, and Blake looks REALLY concerned. "ALEX PUT THAT DAMN BOTTLE DOWN! IT'S TO EARLY TO BE DRINKING!" Blake moaned at him. "No!" Alex replies.
  3. "Morning?" You say sitting down. "Hi," The boys reply. You start to eat the toast that's on the table and Michael comes down. His dark Blond hair is all messy and he's wearing shorts. You've never seen him that scruffy. "Hey," He says.
  4. You don't reply, you just think about Seth and Theresa. How hurt theyt were, you did the right thing, you helped Theresa, the true victim in all of that.
  5. Michael sits next to you but you run to your room and get all of your stuff together. You wanna check something quickly.
  6. You run out of the house, and run down the road and through the forest. All of a sudden, there's Blake!
  7. "____, I have the power to create a physical copy of myself and move the real me. The guys think I'm there..." He sighs as you look kinda confused. "Blake, why are you here?" You ask. "Because I couldn't bear it if you died. I care to much and Michael is my best friend, this would destroy him."
  8. "What are you doing here?" He asks, "I wanna see if Theresa is dead, If I did kill someone..." You reply. You get to the house and go through the front door.
  9. You see Alex inside. "He's gone AGAIN!" He says. "How did you..." You begin. "I drive, anyway Michael legged it."
  10. "Any way, you sent some one into a state like seths. That isn't good!" Alex says. "So? HE DESERVED IT!" You yell. "Anyway, Theresa isn't the main enemy here...there's someone else!"

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