The chosen part fourteen

Hi, this is part 14, you know this crap right? Good, this will end with part 15. Blah blah blah blah blah, thanks for your coments. So let's delve into paragraph two, and then into my fourteenth part in my series.

So you are taking this qiz as it dawns to it's end. I hope you enjoyed it all, comment and rate this quiz. Thank you to those who have commented, this one is short, but I have no time left. I hope to see you soon! Bye.

Created by: Dayna

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  1. You are in the forest, the gunmen over michael. You being brave,run over to him. A man points a gun at you, your emotions are mixed, you hear everyone's thoughts as a giant blur. You break down.
  2. You scream "Who are you? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" No one answers. After a long pause you scream "WELL? ANSWER ME!" No one does.
  3. "___, go home. Just run away. Never come back, don't even look!" Michael sighs. He shoots a look of pain at you. What to do?
  4. You stay there and send every gun and knife flying. The ground shakes, you know this isn't just for michael. This is your pride.
  5. One of the men asks "What are you?" "I'm an angry girl. Shove off before I get furious!" "No ____! DON'T!" Michael calls. You make the ground shake again. Men fall to the floor.
  6. You pull every gun towards you. "Come and get them." You snarl. "What are you playing at kid?" One man remarks. "I hate losing, so wht lose to you?"
  7. You make the ground shake, longer and harder.You are exaughsted, and you look back to michael. Where is he?
  8. You leave and go home. Blake looks shocked when you come in, he's not even dressed. He's in shorts, JUST shorts! "err hi?" He says, trying not to laugh. "Hi Blake."
  9. "Where's Mikey? He's usually up." "I found him, in the forest. He's gone now. Where is he?" You sigh, fed up. "____, I don't wantyou going out alone anymore. Not even in the garden."
  10. "Why not? Those men wont be back." "____, It's unsafe." The door slams and alex and Milly come in shouting. "MILLY YOU KNEW THAT!" "ALEX YOU CHEATED ON ME!" "CHEATED? THAT'S RICH COMING FROM A GIRL LIKE YOU!" "ALEX SHUT UP! I DON'T GO AROUND AND COME AROUND LIKE SEASONS YOU KNOW!"
  11. You close your eyes, when they're open you're in an old flat. but where? No one's there, you cant hear a thought. Where the hell are you?

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