What Yu-Gi-Oh! character are you

This quiz will tell you what yu-gi-oh character you are. But who are you. If would want to know then this is the quiz is for you. I have chosen Yu-Gi, Kaiba, Joey, Mai, Marik and pegasus. I hope you really love this Quiz. =)

This quiz has a wide range of questions and some good ones to. Iv'e only chosen the people in Yu-Gi-Oh that duel. These are some good questions sutible for anyone of any age.

Created by: poge255

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What deck would you have out of these?
  2. Wich is your favourite item?
  3. What Is your favourite color?
  4. What Is your favourite color?
  5. What is your favourite card?
  6. What is your favourite color combination?
  7. What would you wear out of these?
  8. What is your eye color?
  9. Would you use minions?
  10. Do you belive in the heart of the cards?

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Quiz topic: What Yu-Gi-Oh! character am I