Kidnapped and in love part 3

Okay to understand this you need to take the first two quizzes. But there are three guys totally in love with you. Adrian, Ashton, and Carter.

RECAP: your name is Riley (to make it easier) and the three guys kidnapped you to keep you safe.

Created by: nikki78
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  1. You just found out that Aaron the bad guy said that the one you trust most will betray you. Do you believe the bad guy or not?
  2. Later after you have all gone to bed you hear a knock on the door. You get up and answer it and Jace is standing there asking to come in. He says he needs to talk to you so he comes in and you sit on the bed side by side. He starts off Riley, there is something I have to tell you, and you cannot tell anyone. What is running through your mind as he says that?
  3. Riley, he continues I do love you but not like the other guys, there is something you should know. I was chosen for this because I am your brother. No one else knows this, only my boss. Wow.... your thinking I've always wanted a brother. Are you betraying me? you asked out loud. No, Im not i just thought you should know. You look tired. We'll talk more tomorrow he says.
  4. Knowing that you fall asleep happily. When you wake up you wander around the house looking for Jace. You finally find him alone in the gym. He starts to say something when he notices you but then you're grabbed from behind. Riley, don't move you hear Jace say. you struggle anyways and turn to see aaron about to bite your neck. you scream and kick him in the stomach. Your foot goes right through him and you fall to the floor. It was a projection you hear from Jace. How do you respond?
  5. *you faint* "what happened?" you ask jace when you awaken. It was a projection he says. WOuld you like me to finish my story? he asks. you remember he's your brother!
  6. Yes you reply. Ok, he starts out, we were twins, given away to different families days after we were born. Mostly because our parents were kille by Zane. Aaron works for him. Don't tell Adrian about Aaron working for Zane. At lunch we will tell eeryone that were related, Ok? he asks. how do you reply???
  7. Yes, of course I wouldn't tell you reassure him. Great he says, get changed and meet me down in the gym. and right before he leaves he picks you up and gives you a big hug and whispers in your ear, i've missed you sis'. and right as he says that the door swings open and adrian, carter, and ashton are standing there. Carter asks "what is going on." Jace looks at you and asks, "should we tell them?"
  8. You reply, "sure, you tell them." and they all file into your room and sit on the bed. You and Jace sit on the couch against the wall and he starts the story. As you listen to it again you slowly begin to fall asleep. When you wake up you're in bed and Adrian is sitting there watching you. What do you think??
  9. you chose to say hey, whats up? he walks over and sits on the side of the bed. You fell asleep while Jace was telling us, congatulations, you have a brother he says to you. "Riley, i've been wanting to talk to you he says. I know you didn't believe me at first about what i said in your basement. But now that you have met aaron you know that i was telling you the truth. I really do love you." What are you thinking now?!?
  10. Adrian I.... you start to say when CLIFFHANGER!! COme back for the next one!

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