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  • Your Result: Ashton

    Ashton was there when you two seen Adrian in you basement and totally tried to save him but without his powers the bad guy is stronger than all of him. He loves you and will try to keep you safe no matter what

    I got Ashton on all three quizzez!

    This one was better 'caue there were less gramatical mistakes and it was easier to read. (And understand)

    I like music
  • Your Result: Adrian

    Adrian is still your fiance until you decide to break it off or marry him. He wasn't lying and he really does love you but the question is can you love him back?

    Of course i love him back he sound cute !!!

  • I can't choose what guy I like! And you did a lot better making things understandable, thank you! Make the next one as soon as possible!

    Flip Flops
  • aw crud i hate you for breaking it off in a part that good!!!!!make another one *gets flame thrower* or i"ll use this!!!!

  • i got carter yay he is ma fav

    Tiff Tiff

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