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  • I'm Leaving GTQ.
    "...To Jade: Happy GTQ Birthday. Which is in 7 days. I love you."
  • I'm Leaving GTQ.
    "But oh, Thank you, to everyone on here, for being by my side when I needed you, whether big or small. Thank you,"
  • Current Emotion
    "@Bunni: Thanks lol. @Jade: *hugs back* I love you too, darling. Alrighty then. ;) Alright, bye "
  • Current Emotion
    "*Blushes* *Kisses back* Well that be good. :) And you'd better or- *Holds up action figure* BEHOLD THE POWER OF SHILLOH~!"
  • Current Emotion
    "Damn right I'm beautiful. ;) lol Well you certainly took my advice on making yourself a bit more positive from yesterday lol."
  • Current Emotion
    "*Pulls from under rock and kisses* ^^ lol Nah not really. xD And sure you are. :) I hope so! lol. And I'm sure you'll be fine"
  • Current Emotion
    "*Points and laughes* *Tapes video and puts on Youtube* Didn't you say yesterday that you were a hopeless and bad person though? *laughes tri..."
  • Current Emotion
    "*House blows up and everything turns to ash especially guitars and precious things* XD Thanks a lot lol. I've got another tes"
  • Current Emotion
    "*Locks exit* XD Eh, nothing much, just looking up some sh1t I gots to find on the internet for school, and I have a test to s"
  • Current Emotion
    "*Throws on trailer* xD"
  • Current Emotion
  • "Hallo my love. :) I want to talk in the Current Emotion thread for a change, see you there. xD"
  • "Well you're absolutely hopeless to cheer up. But that's just you. xDxDxD Where to start? Try and make yourself happy a bit, d"
  • "Listen, love. Many of us think that life is this sort of line, or goal, that we have to cross over, and those who cross over it are the ones..."
  • "What makes you think of yourself as that much of a bad person, I know how you can be, short tempered and perhaps doesn't care about other pe..."

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