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I cannot predict the future, I cannot change my past, I just have the present moment, I must treat it as my last. Are you wise? Let's see with this quiz...

My ignorance thunders: You are nothing, I am everything. My knowledge declares: You know something, But I know much more. My wisdom whispers: You and I know nothing of everything On earth, And everything of nothing In Heaven.

Created by: I like music

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  1. Do you love to help others? And before you say yes, think of a time when you did.
  2. The next question bases on your emotion and personality and sense of direction.
  3. You are walking through a forest and stumble upon a rock and fall, if we based this on your personality, how would you react?
  4. Are you smart?
  5. This question will base your wisdom from your emotional point of view, meaning that if you were facing emotional pain, would it effect on your actions? We shall see now...
  6. Imagine if you live in a cottage by a river. Somebody poluted the water and killed the fish, you relied on them for your food. Now think clearly, how would you feel?
  7. Now this final important question shall base you on your sense of direction.
  8. You want to go through a forest, but before that, somebody had told you that the branches point to the right directions out of the forest to a path you want to go to. So you start walking, you pass by a branch the points right, there are two paths, left or right?
  9. You walk on, and see a branch that points left, three paths in front of you, left, right, or straight?
  10. Last one, you reach a branch that has been snapped, the broken part was deliberatly put on top of the other, one points Straight, the other left, 3 paths lay before you, which do you choose?

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