how well do you know Firestar?

i know a wise cat who once said, "Who's the medicine cat here?" ah yes. Leafpool. she's a great cat. but she only knew a little about her father's past.

are YOU a wise cat? do you think you can be just like Firestar? well i think you have a chance in life to be just like him. you know, keeping secrets, sharing food, being harsh, etc....

Created by: Nicki

  1. who is his mother?
  2. does Firestar have a brother?
  3. did Firestar come into the Clans when he was a kittypet?
  4. did Firestar tell Graystripe's secret about Silverstream?
  5. who are Firestar's daughters?
  6. did Firestar kill his half-brother during book six, THE DARKEST HOUR? (see questions 1-2).
  7. what does he look like?
  8. who fell in love with Firestar in book 1?
  9. who blamed Firestar for letting a RiverClan cat escape?
  10. What website is this quiz on?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Firestar?