Could We Be Good Together?

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Could you be good for me? Would we be a good couple? I don't know. That's why I made this quiz to see if our personalities match, maybe they do! You don't know...

So I don't care if you're a guy or a girl. I'm bi so I don't mind. But do you? You might read this, get disgusted and leave. Most people do that. :C

Created by: I like music
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. I'm a bisexual girl. So I don't care what gender you are. But I lean more towards guys. What's your gender?
  2. Do you like sports?
  3. Are you creative? And in what way?
  4. Do you love animals?
  5. Do you judge people by their looks?
  6. Which of these traits describes you?
  7. Do you love reading?
  8. Do you love to vary with what you do? Like try new things or listen to different music genres?
  9. Are you very sensitive?
  10. Do you have a certain label? Like Goth or Prep?
  11. Are you obsessed with fashion?
  12. What's your sexuality?
  13. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  14. Do you like making new friends?
  15. Do you preffer somebody who is older, the same age, or younger than you?
  16. Are you ready to see what you'll get? =)

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