What others may really think of you

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There are many different personalities out there. This quiz is just a surface look at how others may look at you ,and how they look at the world. it may be a good thing to know how you come across.

Are you a mean person? Or are you the one that always gets the short end of the stick? Weather your a saint or a sinner there will always be people there to judge you.

Created by: thisisgood

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  1. What is your typical response to a friendly hello from a complete stranger?
  2. If at some point in a friendly three way conversation you find yourself unfamiliar with the topic being discussed you normally would.....
  3. While driving someone cuts you off what do you do?
  4. When at family functions
  5. While with friends and argument ensues between two others you would normally...
  6. You generally bathe....
  7. I would be available for a friend in need at 3am if...
  8. My everyday vehicle is...
  9. While listening to someone speak...
  10. Alone time for me is..

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