What is your Metal genre?

What Metal genre are you? There are so many styles and so many different genres for it, which are you? Unfortunately I could only pick 6. =( Oh well, better than nothing.

Are you Rap Metal? Or Thrash Metal? Or Avant Garde Metal? Or Black Metal? Or Industrial Metal? Or Nu Metal? LoL, I only put those because I didn't know what to type.

Created by: I like music
  1. Do you like Metal.
  2. Think you're so cool cause you're taking this quiz.
  3. Which of these Metal genres (Of the results that I put) do you like.
  4. Do you like Rap.
  5. Which of these bands do you know/like.
  6. What about these, which do you like.
  7. Which of these music genres sounds appealing to you.
  8. Do you hate mainstream.
  9. Do you like Rock.
  10. Rate and comment or else you're considered a poser in Metal or a mainstream fag.

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Quiz topic: What is my Metal genre?