Would you get killed in a mosh pit?

Metal is the most diverse and creative genre of music in existence. Life doesn't get any better than what you can experience going nuts in the pit at a metal show!

But... You may want to proceed with caution... This quiz will calculate your probability of dying, should you partake in such activities. So, before you go... Roll up your sleeves, get a tattoo, and take this quiz...

Created by: Jesse G.

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  1. You are at a concert and someone gets pushed into you, and it hurts your arm. You:
  2. How often do dogs bite you (or nip at you)?
  3. How many of these people do you know of?: James Rivera, Randy Blythe, Nergal, Angela Gossow, Kevin Goocher
  4. Gothic people are:
  5. Generally, when you are in a crowd of people, you feel:
  6. Can you bench 200 pounds if you are a man, or 75 pounds if you are a woman?
  7. Do you own any black armbands or wristbands?
  8. Pain feels:
  9. What do you think of emo kids?
  10. Do you ever growl at people?
  11. In their prime, Korn was:
  12. Do you know what a "circle pit" is? If so, have you ever been in one?
  13. You are going to a concert to see one of your favorite bands. What color(s) do you wear?
  14. Have you ever had an article of clothing ruined at a concert?
  15. How fast are your reflexes?
  16. Growling and grunting counts as vocals.
  17. Do you use coupons at the grocery store?
  18. Pantera (at their prime) was:
  19. Blood is:
  20. Do you ever dressed like (or acted like) a vampire, besides for Halloween?
  21. Which of the following would you most prefer to go to?

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