Are you like Itachi Uchiha?

There are many people who admire Itachi Uchiha. That's why they took this quiz. I can't believe the dude let Sasuke kill him. to tell you the truth... He wasn't that evil. He might of killed the entire Uchiha clan (Besides Sasuke), But still. He only killed them to test out his strength. He really didn't have to kill the whole clan.

But the real question is. Are YOU like Itachi Uchiha? Are you so evil you would push your brother in the pool? I would. If he wouldn't stop talking. do you share the evil and fiend traits? Do You? are you to soft. It's Okay. Not that many people would kill their family.

Created by: Maisy

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  1. Some body bumps into you. You
  2. You get back to your hide out. You say...
  3. You go to your room and...
  4. You get hungry and
  5. Your done eating and on the way back you hear a noise. You
  6. You go back and see what the noise is. You check it out and you find... TOBI?! you say.
  7. Tobi explains that his cup cake was stolen. You say
  8. Tobi and you walk home you talk about.
  9. You get home. You Do
  10. you get bored and decide to go bug the hidden leaf village. you bring
  11. you get to the hidden leaf village.You go to
  12. it's really late so you stay in the

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Quiz topic: Am I like Itachi Uchiha?