What member of the Akatsuki are you most like?

You know the Akatsuki. Bloodthirsty criminals, missing-nin from their villages. But most of them have originally kind hearts. Most of them have novel personalities too. WARNING: may contain major spoilers, even in the next paragraph.

Me and Mare (*) have created this quiz to help you figure out which one of the Akatsuki you are most like. Are you outcast Itachi, fishy Kisame, puppetteer Sasori, sculptor Deidra, venus flytrap Zetsu, good boy Tobi (not Madara Uchiha), blue-haired Konan a.k.a. Blue, or leader Pein?

Created by: e
  1. What's your favorite hobby?
  2. What's your favorite color?
  3. What's your favorite village?
  4. What social group are you in?
  5. What animal looks like your personality?
  6. Who's your favorite anime character (not from Naruto)
  7. What is your favorite emoticon?
  8. What is your favorite band?
  9. erdrsdaytsgsayhgd?
  10. How do you greet people?

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Quiz topic: What member of the Akatsuki am I most like?