What color should you paint your nails?

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Nailpolish.... we see it on almost every girl, almost everywhere. Whether you paint your nails or not is not up for discussion. I want you to know what color you should paint your nails if you had too.

Your personality helps decide what color you get, so answer these questions honestly! Should you paint your nails a bright color? Or should you stick with something you see every day? In just 12 short, or long, questions, you can find out!

Created by: xSprinkle
  1. Pick a subject.
  2. Favorite Snack?
  3. Are you involved in any sports?
  4. How about activites like dancing, singing, or acting?
  5. Would you do anything for your friends?
  6. Do you consider yourself outgoing, bold, or daring?
  7. Do you make good grades in school?
  8. Would you consider yourslef girlie, sporty, or somewhere in between?
  9. Do you ever wish you could live the life of one of your friends?
  10. (No Effect) What colors are your favorite type?

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Quiz topic: What color should I paint my nails?