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What's your personal style like? Need some inspiration on new clothes or a haircut? Our clever users have come up with some style quizzes to help you out. Find out how accurate they are by trying a few of them out!


Our Personal Style Quizzes

  • What's your Personal Style?
    [by: Emily, rated: rated: 4.04/5, published: Feb 18, 2019]

    Many people don’t know what their personal style is. Result: they usually spend more money than they should because they don’t know what kind of clothes to…

  • How "Basic" are you?
    [by: Amanda, rated: rated: 3.72/5, published: Oct 12, 2016]

    Do you want to find out how basic you are? Well take this quiz because it is a fun random thing to do when you're bored and yeah! I hope you enjoy! Thank you.

  • What color should you paint your nails?
    [by: xSprinkle, rated: rated: 3.55/5, published: Jan 9, 2011]

    Wondering which color nail polish to try? Answer 12 questions about yourself and you will get a recommendation that suits you.

  • What pastel color should you paint your nails?
    [by: alice, rated: rated: 4.18/5, published: May 12, 2017]

    Using pastel colors is a perfect way to express clean, cute style. Which suits you and your nails the best?

  • What Is Your Favorite Color?
    [by: Shimmers, rated: rated: 3.39/5, published: Oct 8, 2014]

    Everyone has a favorite color--which color is your favorite? And is it the color that fits you best? This quiz will professionally give you a 100% accurate…

  • Which aesthetic are you?
    [by: Debbie smith, rated: rated: 3.31/5, published: Jun 18, 2018]

    This quiz will tell you one of four aesthetics that you fit into. It might not be entirely accurate but it should be a fun time either way. Have fun!!

  • Streetwear Quiz
    [by: John, rated: rated: 2.98/5, published: Jan 6, 2018]

    Try this quiz to test your knowledge on streetwear and clothes!!! Are you clueless or do you know your stuff? We will find out.

  • Which Store are you?
    [by: rach, rated: rated: 2.98/5, published: Nov 1, 2006]

    Do you dress fashionably or are you totally clueless about fashion? This quiz will reveal the truth.

  • Super Specific Style Quiz!!!
    [by: Hana Colmer, rated: rated: 2.72/5, published: Jul 7, 2013]

    This quiz gives specific details about YOUR personal style, plus suggestions and possible inspirations.

  • Are you a snob or a slob?
    [by: dancingemokid, rated: rated: 2.72/5, published: Jan 14, 2007]

    You may be a snob, or classy with grace. You may be a slob, or just an average joe. This is a quiz with a British slant.

Clothing Quizzes

  • What kind of sweater are you, like, spiritually?
    [by: Pearlflight, rated: rated: 4.09/5, published: Jul 28, 2018]

    Hoodies, turtlenecks, pullovers...sweaters are a beautiful thing. Soft, warm, and cozy, they always have our backs. Are you like me, waiting all the rest of…

Hair Quizzes

Find them on our Hair page.

Jewelry Quizzes

  • What gemstone are you?
    [by: Paw Prints, rated: rated: 3.64/5, published: Apr 22, 2010]

    There are several different types of gemstones and jewels. What gemstone are you? Take my quiz and find out!

  • What is your birthstone?
    [by: annafrozen12, rated: rated: 4.28/5, published: Sep 2, 2016]

    Select your birth month to learn information about your birthstone!

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