What's your style statement?

Everyone has a different fashion statement. That statement shows the world who you are, and it expresses your individuality. Fashion plays a large part in everyone's lives, and it influences your impression on people.

So, what is your fashion statement? Are you the trendy gal who's up to date on all the new looks? Or, are you sporty, athletic, and confident with your appearance? Or, are you a cute, funny girl, that loves to express herself with her clothes? With these results and many more, you'll find out your true fashion statement!

Created by: Amanda
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  1. What's your favorite color to wear?
  2. How tall are you?
  3. What's your dream hair color?
  4. What length is your hair, at the current moment?
  5. Do you ever read fashion magazines?
  6. Do you tend to follow the latest trends?
  7. How much does comfort matter to you?
  8. How much makeup do you wear on average?
  9. What is your favorite hair accessory?
  10. What kind of skirts do you like to wear?
  11. What kind of bathing suit would you most likely wear?
  12. Do you ever wear plaid?
  13. Do you have your ears pierced?
  14. Do you have a purse?
  15. Do you ever like to tan?
  16. What kind of necklaces do you like to wear?
  17. What's your favorite season for clothing?
  18. If you were wearing a red shirt, what color pants would you wear?
  19. If you were wearing a yellow shirt, what color pants would you wear?
  20. If you were wearing a blue shirt, what color pants would you wear?
  21. If you were wearing a white shirt, what color pants would you wear?
  22. Would you ever consider dying, or highlighting your hair?
  23. What kind of jeans do you wear?
  24. What kind of hairstyle do you like to wear?
  25. Do you ever wear short shorts?
  26. Would you rather wear neon, bright, vivid, pale, or dark colors?
  27. Do you like wearing sporty clothing?
  28. What kind of wristwear do you like to wear?
  29. What kind of pattern is your favorite?
  30. Which shoes would you most likely wear on a normal day?
  31. Do you ever wear flirty clothes to attract a guy?
  32. Is your style more girlish, or tomboyish?
  33. Is your style inspired by nature at all?
  34. How professional are your clothes?
  35. Do you ever follow style criticism that your friends give you?
  36. What bothers you the most in the style society?
  37. How large is your wardrobe?
  38. Do you ever wear tank tops?
  39. Do you ever wear denim?
  40. Last question: Do you think your style is unique?

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Quiz topic: What's my style statement?