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  • Vintage, and Retro

    You're style is vintage, and indie. You tend to enjoy clothes that are pale, or neutral colors, like brown, gray, white, or black. You also tend to enjoy patterned T-shirts, long skirts, jeans, and hour-glass shaped dresses. A tip to spice up your style, is to wear stylish belts, that can go over skirts, or pants. Also, you can try adding simple prints, or patterns into your shirts, or dresses, to give them a classy, and cute edge. Try to be hip with your clothing, but still stick with your vintage looks.

    nice quiz..

  • Punk, and Cool

    You're style is punk, and hardcore. You tend to enjoy clothes that are all sorts of colors, but especially black, and denim. You also tend to enjoy sleeveless tops, leather jackets, and long jeans. A tip to spice up your style, is to add splashes of color into your wardrobe, here and there. Also, you can try to add patterns into your clothes, like zebra striped jeans, or leopard spotted leggings. Try to look add some colors into your clothing, but still keep them punk.

    Yea! :D

  • I got Punk and Cool. This is correct to an instant. I wear Nail Polish because, it makes me so happy, and keeps me relaxed. If you see my Nails, don't freak out. I'm not going to hurt you, with them. I'm a nice, and friendly guy. If you see me. I will have, a friendly conversation with you. I just like to help people.

  • As of laten I've been trying to turn myself into a modern Edwardian clothing-wise! Tis why I chose my username.

  • That all sounds right to me..

    Naughty Jenny
  • Punk and cool. Yep =P

  • yay i got hot and stylish!!!!! and yay im the first one to comment!!!


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