What's your style?

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People often say "I don't have a style", but everyone tends to graviate towards a certain type of clothing. Knowing your fashion personality can help you choose the right kind of clothes to bring out the real you.

Do you know your style? Your fashion personality makes a statement about who you are. Fine tuning your look can help bring out your inner beauty- take this quiz to find out what your clothes are saying about you!

Created by: Meghan
  1. You are meeting the girls for lunch-which outfit would you choose?
  2. The little black dress-how do you wear it?
  3. The perfect go-to shoes for you are:
  4. When the weekend comes, what are your plans?
  5. On a typical day, what accessory is on your wrist?
  6. While you're at the salon and under the dryer, which magazine do you reach for?
  7. You win a shopping spree at the mall! Where do you spend most of your cash?
  8. In your dream closet, which designer's clothes takes up the most space?
  9. Which color would you most likely select if you were buying a party dress?
  10. Your favorite jeans are...

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