Which Style is For You? (Girs)

There are many people out there who know what fashion category they fit in or what they're style is, but most don't, so I made a quiz for girls to know what fashion category they're in. Although, it won't be 100% accurate!

Do YOU know what fashion category you're in, or what your style is? Warning: I practically made this while I was bored, so don't take anything too personally and you think I'm wrong. Plus, the results I made up, and they're the results in my world. P.S: Results have to do with stereotypes/cliques, etc. and this is my first quiz on GoToQuiz.

Created by: Nothing's Impossible
  1. Do you care about the stereotypical groups and cliques? Choose the answer that's closest to your actual answer
  2. Really worn out question, but favourite colour?
  3. You get asked out by the most popular guy at your school (who you've never talked to and is a total jerk), what are you thinking?
  4. You're on a date with a boy you like, he tries to kiss you at the movies, what do you do?
  5. Where would you go on your first date?
  6. You've been invited to your friend's party, what would you wear?
  7. Favourite movie genre?
  8. What's your hobby?
  9. What would you wear for Prom?
  10. What's your favourite music genre?

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