what is your personal style?

Personal style is a matter of taste and lifestyle. Most people would like to think they aren't define by one specific look or trend - but more often than not they fall into one common fashion stereotype category.

For Ladies only! What is your personal fashion style? Are you more conservative and preppy or sexy and let it all hang out? Although this topic has been widely explored, this quiz will uncover the TRUTH about your fashion sense. In your results, it will also recommend some designers you should consider next time you go shopping!

Created by: Jennifer Robo
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. which celeb has the best sense of style?
  2. Surprise! Here's 100 dollars to spend today on anything you want. You..
  3. your favorite cut of jeans is..
  4. Your favorite genre of music is:
  5. Which permanent TATTOO would you prefer..
  6. which car would suit your lifestyle the most?
  7. which type of footwear do you live in?
  8. where would you go on your DREAM vacation?
  9. your thoughts on french manicured acrylic nails?
  10. what kind of hat do you like?

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Quiz topic: What is my personal style?