What's Your Personal Fashion Style

Style is something as unique and individual as every woman. Each of us belongs to one or a combination of the following five major style types: Classic, Chic, Whimsical, Bohemian & Avant-Garde

To define your style simply take an honest evaluation of yourself. Be straight with yourself! You may not know a lot of things but only you know yourself best! There are no right or wrong answers...Have Fun!

Created by: Behind The Scene Styles of Behind The Scene Styles
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  1. How would your friends describe you?
  2. If you had a choice, which would you rather do?
  3. If Stacy and Clinton gave you $5,000 for clothes, how would you use it?
  4. When you walk into a crowded room, what would you prefer to do?
  5. With that $5,000 would you:
  6. When you watch your fave TV show, what is most likely to catch your eye?
  7. Which of the following best describes the decor of your home?
  8. Who is your favorite Desperate Housewife?
  9. What shoes do you wear most?
  10. If Stacy and Clinton secretly filmed you for What Not To Wear, what color palette would they mostly see in your wardrobe?

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