what's your fashion style?

There are many fashion styles out there. And nowadays, its hard to figure out what yours is! you know what you like, how you dress, and where you shop, but what does it all add up to? designer? preppy? girly? modern? something else?

whats your fashion style? know everything that you own but dont know what it all adds up to? take this quiz and find out in minutes with 12 amazing questions!

Created by: steph
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  1. youre going downtown with your pals for a night out. what do you wear?
  2. whats your normal school outfit?
  3. whats your normal school outfit?
  4. whats your normal school outfit?
  5. whats your favorite store?
  6. what's your favorite SHOE store?
  7. youre going on a date with your crush to the beach! what swimsuit do you bring?
  8. whats one thing you would NEVER wear?
  9. where would you never shop?
  10. whats one thing you cant leave the house without?

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Quiz topic: What's my fashion style?