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Try this quiz to test your knowledge on streetwear and clothes!!! Are you clueless or do you know your stuff? We will find out.

Featuring brands like Supreme, Bape Off White and more!!! Are you ready for this quiz?

Created by: John

  1. Which brand screen prints t-shirts on Gildan?
  2. Which brand hasn't done a collaboration with Supreme?
  3. Who is the lead designer of Off White?
  4. Where was Stone Island created?
  5. Who designed the Revenge x Storm shoes?
  6. What brand has Fear of God done a collaboration with?
  7. Which brand released the t-shirt with "FRIENDS" on the front?
  8. Who created the brand Vlone?
  9. When was Supreme founded?
  10. Baby Milo is featured on which brand?
  11. When did the Jordan 4 "Bred" most recently release?
  12. What store carries FOG (Fear of God) Apparel?
  13. Which designer brand features a heart with 2 eyes?
  14. Who created Bape?
  15. What is a "hypebeast"?
  16. Which Brand has Kanye been seen wearing before?
  17. Who is the lead designer of Fear of God?
  18. How many shoes did Nike and Off White release?
  19. What shoe did Air Jordan and Supreme release?
  20. What is the most popular Nike x Off-White sneaker?

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